What is development?

It’s important to understand what you’re buying when you purchase website development or programming services. Not understanding the nature of the work or the expected outcomes, costs and challenges is a major reason for project failure in technical development. Let’s start by addressing what “development” or “programming” is not: Development is not graphic design. We know […]

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Concrete5 Version 5.7 Review

Preface: this Concrete5 Version 5.7 Review is a WIP (work in progress) and I’m updating it as I continue to explore C5.7. By my count there are currently 115 C5 addons in the Concrete5 addon marketplace for 5.7. The 5.7 marketplace for both addons and themes is entirely new. C5 is now basically 5.6 and below, […]

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SlimStat Banned Due to Security Flaw

A major security flaw in the SlimStat WordPress Plugin seems to have led to it being removed entirely from the WP plugin directory as well as being banned from various platforms including I’m disappointed to see SlimStat banned because it was not long ago that I discovered the popular analytics system for WordPress. And while Google Analytics […]

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WP Jobs Manager Schedule Interview

Recruiting the right candidate for a job isn’t easy. At they are always looking for ways to make the recruiting process easier for employers seeking qualified interns. To achieve this goal we have developed Schedule Interview, an extension for WP Jobs Manager. It leverages the existing management panel for management of job candidates and […]

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WordPress Automatic Blogging Plugin

WordPress is the undisputed ruler of blogging software. It makes writing blog posts fast, easy, fun… wait is this a WP love-in or a blog post? I’m too tired to write a good blog post and I definitely don’t want to spend valuable minutes optimizing the SEO or categorizing it. What’s the solution? Don’t blog […]

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GoldHat Launches in Germany

In October GoldHat’s focus will shift to Germany as the Vancouver based programming and digital marketing group aims to sieze key contracts in 2 of the nations most prominent districts. GoldHat has long held a presence in Germany thanks to work in the region by GoldHat’s founder Joel Milne prior to starting the firm in 2009. Joel was […]

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