ACF Option Pages Latest Version

According to the latest stats ACF Option Pages plugin is being downloaded about 30-times per week! That’s exciting, and the pace has been growing. Within a year the plugin may be used on a couple thousand sites, possibly far more. Below are some screenshot from ACF Option Pages. It uses a tabbed interface provided by ACF. The ACF field groups are automatically loaded from the plugin. We’ve included the JSON field group export in case you wanted to customize the field group and change the interface.

The last version was 0.9.3, and I’ve decided to release the next update as v1.0.0. It seems time to call it version 1, a full version. The plugin seems stable, in fact no bug reports at all from the 100+ installs and hundreds of others.

The major issue we’re fixing in this is a single liner, but it’s important. In previous versions of ACF Option Pages the query that actually finds your registered option pages and registers them so they work was limited to 5! Now I guess we could say that’s the limit of the free version of our plugin, and tell you to buy the premium version for $200 if you want more than 5 option pages. That would be clever no? But no we’re going to fix that query, making sure that if you have 10 or 20 option pages they should all get registered. Up to whatever is a practical limit for the operation, but I can’t really imagine a site having more than 25 option pages anyway. Maybe someday we’ll get a bug report from somebody who finds that the loop times out, but can’t see it being worth coping with now. Got to pick your battles!

Another possible issue found which turned out not really to be the fault of this plugin is that I couldn’t avoid duplication of submenu items even when I chose the advanced option “redirect”. The idea there is that the main menu item will not be duplicated, instead it redirects into the first submenu item. At least I think that’s right, going off memory it’s confusing to explain. But do you know how when you make a new main admin menu item, and then right under it in the submenu is the exact same item? Whoever thought that was a good idea, as a default option clearly doesn’t understand how stupid it looks. Why would we ever want that? There are ways to deal with it… but with ACF created option pages, I found it will only be possible to avoid duplication if the parent and child menu items are both option pages. Meaning if you nest an ACF option page under a regular menu item… then that horrid duplication of menu items will probably still be there staring you in the face saying “that’s right, the very next option after A is still A, what do you think about that bitch”?