Simon Sinek's top 10 rules for success

This is a great video compiling the top rules for success by Simon Sinek. #8 about being authentic was my favorite, Simon uses the example of companies that look to customers to tell them how to act and what to offer.

Today is a great day

Today is a great day. I am thankful for opportunity to work and play, this day is a great day. This day will be memorable, exciting and fulfilling. I am in no rush today. I enjoy the moments. I am focused. I work smart, efficiently towards measurable goals. Today is a great day. I share the greatness of this day with everyone I meet. Inspiring them, helping them, being patient and kind with them.

No obstacle will survive today

Today no obstacles will stand in my way. I am ready for any challenge. I am productive, I am healthy, I am filled with radiant energy. Any obstacle in my way cowers before me! No obstacles will survive today. My path is clear. My mind is focused. I am at peace. My day is joyous, my work productive and helpful to others, and I am kind to everyone I meet.