Food and Drink Menu Plugin Review

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Example Live Restaurant Menu:

First Impression of the Food and Drink Menu Plugin

This is the first time I’ve found a restaurant menu plugin with a live restaurant example site though I’m sure others have live sites also. I like the example, so this looks promising. After install I’m seeing 2 tabs in the WP admin, they are Menus and Menu Items. Both appear to be custom post types which is interesting because this means full support for multiple menus, something lacking in most plugins in this category.

Adding Food and Drink Plugin Menu Items

Adding menu items is easy. Featured images are used as the item image. There is an option to tag the menu section which is a different approach to dividing sections than most menu plugins. As with FoodList Menu Plugin this Food and Drink plugin provides a shortcode for every menu item which could be useful.

Displaying Menus from Food and Drink Plugin

The menus are added as custom posts. There is no example menu provided which might be nice as a reference. Especially because the add menu page has a rather cryptic Menu Layout section which I’m staring at and trying to figure out. Ahaaa after a little playing with it I’ve figured it out. It provides the option to add menu sections to 2 different columns. It’s kind of a counter-intuitive interface that needs some rethinking. Anyway moving on, once I click publish the menu is created and a shortcode is generated and provided which I can then paste into any page.

Presentation Quality of the Food and Drink Plugin

This plugin gets the highest marks for presentation in this category. Out of the box the styling already looks quite good and it has the 2-column option which I realize now is quite important to creating a menu that looks similar to a printed menu.

Bottom Line on the Food and Drink Plugin

Food and Drink plugin is deserving of 4-stars, possibly 5. It is one of the best 2 I’ve reviewed in this category alongside FoodList. It will take more consideration to really determine which of the two we would generally recommend. I’m leaning right now toward Food and Drink because it is in some ways faster to setup because it uses tags for menu sections, plus it tends to look better formatted by default without adding CSS.