Food Service Wordpress Plugin Research

Food Service WordPress Plugin Research Summary

As in most plugin categories for WordPress we find lots of selection for the food service industry. Restaurant menus, recipe plugins, nutritional data plugins, it’s all there in some form or another. The question is how well covered are the essential features in these food service plugins and how easily can these plugins be extended? How does the output look in this category where presentation and style is so important?

Restaurant Menu WordPress Plugins

In this category out of 8 plugins we looked at 5 deserved installation and review. Of those 5 plugins only 2 stood out for us as high quality plugins that are ready to use. And it was not easy differentiating between those 2 which are FoodList and Food and Drink Menu. After further consideration Food and Drink Menu won the battle and gets our top recommendation.

Here is the full list of restaurant menu WordPress plugins that we tested and reviewed:

  1. Food & Drink Menu (Top Recommendation)
  2. FoodList (Second Recommendation)
  3. Restaurant Menu Manager (Recommended for Special Use)
  4. Restaurant (Not Recommended)
  5. Easy Restaurant Menu Manager  (Not Recommended)

What features are missing in the restaurant menu plugin category?

Menu print options are weak or not supported in most of these plugins. They also lack support for import/export which might be very helpful when importing lots of menu items. We saw many support tickets asking various plugin developers about import options when setting up their menus. Initial menu item entry can be laborious with some of the plugins because the process is often 2-3 steps.