Foodlist Wordpress Plugin Review

The Foodlist WP plugin is a menu creator for restaurants. We are reviewing it as part of our series looking at WordPress Food Service Plugins.

Demo Site: http://foodlist.demo.5×

WP Plugin Directory Page:

First Impression of the FoodList WordPress Menu Plugin

First impression after install of Foodlist is “whoa, this is a seriously big application”. It’s a bit overwhelming. Not 1 or 2 but 4 tabs appear in the menu with several subtabs beneath them. I see options for currency and think to myself is this a menu plugin or a restaurant commercial ERP software application? I’m hopeful this is going to be the most awesome sleek menu plugin on the market. Because it’s either going to be great or terrible. It’s definitely not small or simple.

FoodList Plugin Menu Item Posts

In Foodlist each menu item is a post. I like this kind of structure, it opens the possibility to extending the plugin and using the individual menu item posts in different ways. Each menu item post can be tagged, but the tags are not just words they also have icons. I’ve never seen this before, looks really good and I’d imagine we can make custom icons such as “vegan”. There is already vegetarian, spicy etc.

FoodList Menu Hierarchy

I can tell from the design of the FoodList plugin that the developer is plagued with the same affliction as I am. That is he’s a genius who likes to organize things in perfectly neat and tidy hierarchies. In FoodlList there are 3 levels of data that build up to create the menu. You start with Menu Items, organize them into Menu Sections, and finally these are organized into Menus. This is a sensible structure, it has many advantages over the way most menu plugins organize data (they often don’t). My concern is just that for a simple use, a basic menu, we might be doing a lot of clicking around to get that first menu setup. It’s feeling a bit like an “advanced user” app that works better for people that are very comfortable with figuring out software.

Adding Menu Items to Menu Sections

Once you’ve created some menu items such as Lentil Burger, adding them to the menu sections such as Appetizers is a breeze. Great select/search functionality allows me to drop the new items into menu sections quickly. I can also attach an image to the menu item section. This plugin just beat the WP Easy Menu Manager I reviewed previously which does not allow images without buying the extended version.

Publishing the FoodList Menu

Shortcodes are provided for each FoodList menu which can then be easily pasted into a page to display the menu. The output code looks fine, so we can style it with custom CSS. Out of the box the styling doesn’t look too good, there is no margin between elements so it’s kind of rough.

Foodlist Shortcode Support

FoodList has shortcodes not only for the menus, but for each menu section and menu item. That seems like a great feature as it gives us the option to showcase an item or use a section of a menu in a different way.

Bottom Line on the FoodList Menu Plugin

This plugin has a lot of potential. I’ll give it a 4-stars for now but will revisit it later. It might be the best in this class though I’ve got a few left to checkout!