Footer Design Trends 2015

Oh woe the footer, the forgotten child. So small, so easy to overlook.

The footer is arguably the second-most seen part of your site. Getting it right is a big win. It’s a place where you can make conversions, showcase your friend and even wow with your creativity. In short, the footer dance the night away, or stand awkwardly in the shadows. It’s your call!

What’s happening in footer design lately?¬†Footer design trends are quickly changing just as website design undergoes another revolution.

Footers more than ever are being used to present information about the brand and how users can interact with it. What are your customers looking for? Your products, your phone number? An email or help desk? Sometimes there is a disconnect between what customers actually need on your site. Beware of two common flaws in presenting footer information:

  1. Presenting too little information, nothing that the user needs can be found please go to another site your footer might say!

    Too much information, now we have clutter effect and most users will still be unable to sort through it to find what they need.