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    Joel Milne

    Plans underway to make the “Views”, part of the MVC approach easier to extend. Developers currently can of course extend each view, or extend the view base, but there isn’t a way to hook into and control the view used by controllers. That makes it hard to change existing theme output, and related to that there is not currently “regular themes” or templates, only these view classes that output HTML in methods like show(). All these issues are part of the legacy of WP Pro Quiz… and maybe it’s too soon to call it a legacy we only just forked WP Pro Quiz to create QuizMaster! Still this is really important and one of the first ways we’ll address the challenges of extending the plugin, and before we get into heavier functional stuff making theme and front-end parts work better seems like a good starting point.

    Here is what we’ve come up with for the approach to View overriding. Read the details in the GitHub ticket: https://github.com/goldhat/QuizMaster/issues/1

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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