Free SEO Tools for WordPress

As a WordPress site owner one of the great advantages you have is access to thousands of free and premium WP plugins. Over 30,000 and counting in the free column, or has it reached 40K since I last checked? The hardest thing about having such a magnitude, is becoming familiar with and selecting the right plugin. Search marketing is an area where typically tools are off-site, but it’s becoming more commonplace to integrate those tools for convenience and other benefits.

We’re actually going to start at the end of the tools spectrum and work our way back. That’s because we’ve just recently been on the search for a way to measure our search rankings right in WP. And somewhat surprisingly, given how many of the tools are paid subscriptions, we did find some options. Both rely on tools that are paid subscriptions, but each has a free version. So to answer the question, can you track your search rankings for free in WordPress? Yes you can. But with some notable limitations.

seo-control-centerSEO Control Center

Track up to 10 keywords for free with SEO Control Center, a free WP plugin hosted in the directory. Easy install, just requires the step of opening an account at the vendors site To continue past 10 keywords tracked requires buying a subscription to their service, paid plans start at $10 for 100 keywords. For $25/month you can track up to 250 keywords.

For a free option up to 10 keywords tracked may suit smaller sites or those just getting started with their WP sites on a limited budget.