GoldHat Launches in Germany

In October GoldHat’s focus will shift to Germany as the Vancouver based programming and digital marketing group aims to sieze key contracts in 2 of the nations most prominent districts.

GoldHat has long held a presence in Germany thanks to work in the region by GoldHat’s founder Joel Milne prior to starting the firm in 2009. Joel was involved in several key projects involving German investment banking and helped Germans gain key research information to help in setting up Canadian bases in Canada during 2006-2008. This work was done in partnership with the Kelowna Economic Development Commission (EDC) and the Community Future Development Corporation (CFDC).

“Many of my best clients in the early days as a developer were German Canadian’s who appreciated my German-like diligence and precision. We shared a culture in a sense despite a different background there was a common understanding of how work should be done and what service means when you respect your work enough to do it not well enough to be paid, but when you do it well enough to be proud of it”

– Joel Milne responding to a question by a Boston reporter about his early days as an entrepreneur.

GoldHat’s business in Germany will be fully localized with complete language and customs training for remote staff members serving the region. In addition to hiring German-speaking staff members GoldHat Group will be providing training to existing staff who wish to learn the German language.

One of GoldHat’s main focus points during the initial launch of service in Germany will be website localization and translation. GoldHat Group will provide a range of services to help German firms ensure they are using both their primary German language and secondary English languages effectively in their digital marketing programs.