Groundswell Training

I recently learned about Groundswell from Reilly Yeo who is Managing Director at Open Media. Reilly is a facilitator at the Groundswell program and she wrote me recently to introduce one of the programs graduates Sira Food Health ( started by young entrepreneur Shiki Numaguchi. The Groundswell program trains young entrepreneurs who are interested in a new way of thinking about economics and how to structure their businesses.

From the Groundswell about us page:

Groundswell is an eight-month intensive program bringing together 30 youth under the age of 35 to work individually and together to rethink economic logics and build new projects.

The outcome from the program seems to be the founding of a cooperate enterprise, though I’m not sure if that is the goal in every case.

In some ways the structure of this program reminds me of the CFDC entrepreneur program I took back in 2003 which was like a crash course in business and business planning. That course was shorter though at about 3-months and did not have the cooperative elements. Still it was a great foundation for starting a new business and a memorable learning experience. I think one of the best aspects of these type of programs is being able to connect with other entrepreneurs and to prepare for some of the common challenges that new businesses must face.

To learn more about Groundswell visit them at To see a list of the new businesses/groups started by their graduates head over to the blog post about their first graduating class at