HireX Network launched in Bulgaria

HireX Network of sites has been formally launched as a Bulgarian company registered on March 11, 2016 in Varna, Bulgaria. GoldHat Group has established an office for development in this, Bulgaria’s second-largest city on the Black Sea coast.

As part of the launch plans the inventory of domains for the HireX Network has been expanded to 12 in total. It’s first launch is HireBulgarians.com. New domains registered include HireLithuanians.com, HireLatvians.com and 8 others. In the total inventory of domains HireX Network has primarily .com extensions with a few .net registrations.

Work on developing the platform for HireX Network, continues with upgrades being rolled out every 2-3 weeks. A full beta version of the network is expected to be live on HireBulgarians.com by the middle of 2016.

HireX Network Update April 2016

HireX Network now has it’s own central domain and it’s live at hirexnetwork.com.