Managing WordPress Plugins hosted in the Plugin Directory

At the start of 2016 I recall saying to one of my partners “I can’t believe we’ve never been able to make a finished plugin and release it to the WordPress community”. Of course there were reasons… certainly not a lack of ideas, or even ability to code. Just a lack of time, and focus. Well that’s all changed, today GoldHat Group has 3 plugins in the WP directory, and plans to add more. All of our plugins so far are based on ACF (Advanced Custom Fields) a plugin that I consider essential to install on any site I build. To me “fielding” to borrow the Drupal term for it, is one of the most beneficial aspects of using a CMS. If there wasn’t posts types and fields and taxonomies, I’d probably not use a CMS and go the PHP framework route. SVN for hosted plugins

Normally we only use GIT, so one of the first challenges of managing hosted plugins is that upon approval you get an SVN repo. Rather than really learning SVN, I installed SVNTortoise ( and highly recommend that to lessen the learning curve.

Managing hosted plugin assets

See the handbook at

There are a couple of places where information is stored about how to control various parts of the actual plugin directory listing. And I was months into it having Googled at least a dozen topics, before I discovered this “Plugin Author Handbook” which clarifies a few important parts.

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