Partner Program

The partner program is an alternative to our affiliate program that enables deeper discounts and white-labelling. It is suited to the agency, consultant or other provider that wants to deliver our services to their clients. The major difference between partners and affiliates is your level of involvement in the delivery. Partners are resellers who work continuously with their clients through the sales process, and often through the project as well.

Because of GoldHat’s proficiency in web programming, and deployment of sophisticated solutions, WP plugin development and much more, many partners view us as a long-term development partner. A common scenario is that your firm has consulted with a site owner about a redesign or new site build. You’ve helped them plan the site, and you’ve made designs. Now you need a development team that can put the plan in place, build features, and handle all the technical aspects of launching the site. As a GoldHat Partner you will receive the best rates available and save hundreds or thousands compared to the retail cost of our services.

We aim to support our partners and be a part of their success in selling web development and digital marketing solutions. We’ll consult with you on how to integrate our service packages into your offering, or how to develop your own service packages based on what we can deliver. Why is “service packaging” important? We believe packaging services helps clients understand their options, and provides a greater degree of transparency around pricing.