ACF Render

ACF Render is an open source WordPress plugin that we’ve developed to help site owners and developers display ACF custom fields. It’s hosted on in the WP plugin directory so you can download it by searching the plugin directory within your WP site. Or you can download or clone the source using the links shared below.

Download Links:

ACF Render Documentation

For general usage and development docs, API documentation for ACF Render see the ACF Render Docs page.

ACF Render Docs (Current Version 1.0)

Version 1.1 of ACF Render under development

ACF Render is currently at version 1.0.0 the initial release, and we are working on v1.1.0 the next full release that will make it to the WP directory. The development for v1.1.0 is in the /dev branch on GitHub. One of the changes we’ll be making is to remove, or make optional the wrapping with Bootstrap rows/cols. We recognize first not every site uses Bootstrap, and actually the wrapping can interfere with the implementation of Bootstrap depending on when and where you output the field.

The newest feature of ACF Render will be support for repeater fields. Currently we only support single field output. We’ll also be rounding out coverage of all basic fieldtypes ensuring there is a default template.

Contributing to ACF Render

If you’re a WP plugin developer looking to help out and can spare some time we are looking for contributors. You’ll be listed as a an official contributor if you close at least 2 active issues, or provide other development help equivalent to 2+ hours of development work. As an active development agency, we’ll also put you on our call list for paid dev contracts. Work will be managed via the Issues List on GitHub, and you’ll need a GitHub account and basic Git usage ability. To get involved drop us a line at contact AT or send a message via GitHub.