QuizMaster is the newest and best free quiz plugin for WordPress. It is designed to be highly extendable, and has all the features found in the WP Pro Quiz plugin. We first started working with WP Pro Quiz a couple of years ago on a client project, and found it difficult to extend due a lack of hooks and fairly poor architecture. That combined with the lack of responsiveness of the original developer, led us to fork the project and reinvent it. The new name QuizMaster is hopefully one you’ll find easier to handle, and more importantly the project is really designed to be developer-friendly. We view it as a solid base for quiz management, and we want to ensure that developers can build addon plugins, and easily extend and theme quizzes.

Donate to Support QuizMaster Development

If you can contribute to the development effort with a donation we’d greatly appreciate the help for this open-source project: https://goldhat.ca/donate. As little as $5 can go a long away, we pool the donations received along with sales of any addons or pro version and use it to further the development of the entire system. It’s our goal to make most of the core features available for free in QuizMaster, and reserve only specialized features for addons that are sold/supported and integrated into QuizMaster Pro the premium version of the plugin.

Download QuizMaster and try it out

Currently QuizMaster is not ready for WP directory inclusion and is undergoing heavy development. You can get the latest version, or contribute to development by downloading from GitHub at https://github.com/goldhat/QuizMaster.

QuizMaster Forums on GoldHat.ca

Visit https://goldhat.ca/forums/forum/quizmaster/ for discussion and support from other users of the plugin.

QuizMaster Development Updates


Most recently we determined that replacing the Statistics Module of WP Pro Quiz would be best for QuizMaster. This in part because of numerous reports that recent WP upgrades have broken some of the stats tracking (or reporting) functionality in WP Pro Quiz. We’ve tried to debug WP Pro Quiz statistics that were not working on several client sites, but were unable to diagnose it. On our QuizMaster demo site, which also run WP Pro Quiz alongside QuizMaster, statistics for WP Pro Quiz works fine. This sporadic problem might be caused by the IP-locking feature in WP Pro Quiz, or some other feature that is active on a given site. We haven’t unfortunately been able to identify the source of the WP Pro Quiz statistics issues.

Our concept for storing quiz results is a new object called “Quiz Score”. The quiz score has mostly the same information stored as the WP Pro Quiz statistics module. By using a custom post type, we gain the benefit of being able to export scores, as well as the filtering and sorting capabilities of the WP admin list table. The system allows us to have a stable object that we could eventually add additional reporting features. Overall choosing this approach has meant a bit more time into this area of development, but we believe it’s well worth it.