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WP Pro Quiz remains the most powerful quiz plugin for WordPress despite no longer being actively maintained by the original developer. At GoldHat Group we work with WP Pro Quiz everyday. We have developed the top-selling addon for WP Pro Quiz, the WP Pro Quiz Completed plugin which enables students/users to view their quiz statistics. In addition we’ve built a beta version of a new quiz system, QuizMaster, based on WP Pro Quiz. While we aim to eventually recommend QuizMaster as a replacement for WP Pro Quiz for sites that want a more modern, extension based approach, we believe WP Pro Quiz still serves a valuable role as the leading quiz plugin for WP.

Our plan is to rework the existing codebase of WP Pro Quiz and debug known issues. The result will be released as WP Pro Quiz 2.0. The v2.0 release of WP Pro Quiz will continue to be free, and available for download at We have discussed the transfer of the WP Pro Quiz project at with the plugin approval team, and they are receptive to awarding the transfer upon testing a modified version. Help us move this project forward today with your contribution to the project fund.


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