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This is a DRAFT PRODUCT PAGE, and the first full version of this plugin is not ready for production use. It will later be listed in the WP directory and on GitHub. It is a freemium model, there will be a nice working free version available to all, and then a pro version with some of the more advanced features which will then be sold here for around $45. If you want to see a “somewhat stable” version you can checkout this product for $0 and the download file will be v0.9.0 but just be aware it’s only to give you a sneak peak at what we’re creating. By ordering you’ll also get a notification when v1.0.0 is ready.

WooCommerce Invoices plugin turns your WooCommerce site into a great invoicing system. Stop paying for external invoicing services, centralizing your invoicing and keep clients coming back to your own site where you can present them with other offers.

If you’ve ever thought of using WooCommerce to send invoices, or taken phone orders, you know that the interface for creating admin orders is “not ideal”. And that’s understating it, arguably the weakest part of an otherwise great eCommerce system it’s just not intuitive or fast. What we’ve done with WooCommerce Invoices is completely replaced the interface meta boxes using ACF5. As a result you get a very user-friendly, simple to use invoice edit screen. Invoices are also stored as a custom order type, keeping them separate from your inbound shop orders through WooCommerce storefront.

Due date for invoices

Regular WooCommerce orders don’t have a due date because they are either paid for in advance or held in processing for manual completion. When you’re invoicing the goal is to get paid, and to get paid on time your customers need to know the terms. With WooCommerce Invoices you set a due date for each invoice, and this is printed on the PDF copy of the invoice and visible to the customer when they view it online. The due date is also used to implement any reminder schedules that you setup for the invoice.

Invoice statuses that make sense

The regular WooCommerce order statuses don’t fit invoicing. With WooCommerce Invoices we use a custom order type, and a fully custom list of order statuses. Your invoice starts as “Created” and is subject to being “Approved” before it can be sent to the customer. Once sent, the status changes to “Sent” where it stays either until paid or overdue. You’ll be able to filter your invoices by these statuses allowing you to see at a glance which invoices are overdue, and what has been recently paid. If you receive a payment offline by cash or check, you can also mark the invoice paid manually.

User-friendly line items

If you’ve ever made orders manually in WooCommerce you know that the line item handling is not very intuitive or user-friendly. It works, but it can be confusing especially how to set discounts and change item prices. We’ve added a memo field to each line item so that you can provide extra information to the customer. This is helpful when selling services, where you might want to include the dates the services were performed or notes about the work completed. There is also line item discounts, which are applied as a % entry. Finally when you add/edit a line item, the invoice total is automatically calculated… which doesn’t sound like a feature, it’s pretty much expected from any invoicing system. However, the regular order entry for WooCommerce requires you to click a button every time you want to recalculate totals.

PDF invoice creation

WooCommerce Invoices creates a PDF invoice for every invoice you create. You can download and print it yourself, or send it to your customer. This is a big improvement over the order invoice WC normally puts directly into the order confirmation email. Only with PDF can you ensure the invoice is easy to print, and easier for your customers to share and store.

Send invoices to your customer

We’ve added a custom order action menu to WooCommerce Invoices. After you’ve marked your invoice approved, you can then send it to your customer. They’ll receive an email with the invoice attached, that is tailored to invoicing.

Add customers on the fly (PRO Feature)

This feature is planned for the next version of WC Invoices and will enable you to add customers quickly without leaving the WooCommerce Invoices edit page. No more having to go to WP Users to manually enter the user first, we’ll give you a form to fill out when you’re billing a customer for the first time.

Reminder schedules for WooCommerce invoices (PRO Feature)

In WC Invoices settings page you can setup global invoice reminders that apply to every invoice you make unless overriden. You can then override the reminder schedule for individual invoices if needed. For most sellers, setting up universal reminders is the simplest and most effective way to keep customers routinely informed when an invoice is almost due, or overdue. It’s also possible to automatically assess either a penalty for late payment, or a discount for early payment if that’s applicable to your business.


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