QuizMaster WordPress Quiz Plugin

QuizMaster is the newest and best free quiz plugin for WordPress. It is designed to be highly extendable, and has all the features found in the WP Pro Quiz plugin. We first started working with WP Pro Quiz a couple of years ago on a client project, and found it difficult to extend due a lack of hooks and fairly poor architecture. That combined with the lack of responsiveness of the original developer, led us to fork the project and reinvent it. The new name QuizMaster is hopefully one you'll find easier to handle, and more importantly the project is really designed to be developer-friendly.

Clay Framework

Clay framework is the custom plugin that powers, providing custom post types, API integrations and bridging major plugins including WooCommerce and Sensei. Development

Equity Site Management

Equity Brokerage is a major US real estate company with brokers and agents across the country. Their marketing goal was to provide their brokers with a turnkey recruiting platform. GoldHat Group was brought in to develop the WordPress multi-site platform that their brokers would be a part of. What made the project very challenging was that they had dozens of domains, one or more for each US state. Each domain needed to be a multi-site. We were able to integrate and configure a plugin to achieve the "multiple multi-site configuration" which required some server setup to work properly.

Freelancer Worldwide Site

Freelancer World Wide (FWW) is a specialized freelancer/contractor website that focuses on tradespeople from Eastern Europe. They serve clients in Denmark and neighboring countries, providing them with qualified workers. Their platform required extensive custom language handling to support translation of job postings and documents. WPML was integrated along with a custom programmed language bridge plugin.