Resources for WP plugin developers

When I got my first plugin approved for the WP directory at I was pretty excited. That excitement wore off quickly when I realized I’d need to get past the SVN gate. If you like SVN and already use it you say what the heck is the SVN gate, because to you it’s just the way of versioning WP hosted plugins. But to me as a GIT user, I’m like you got to be kidding me here is another horrible waste of my time either learning SVN or the alternative… Tortoise SVN. I highly recommend this route if this is your only reason for using SVN. I’ve actually used SVN before on a client project… once in 14-years. Not sure version control has been around 14-years, but whenever that started… since then I’ve needed SVN twice, once for a client project and once for the WP directory. Point is learning SVN would have been mostly a waste of time.

ReadMe Generator for WordPress Plugins

One of the coolest resources out there is GenerateWP and I love their ReadMe Generator: It saves you time researching all the options and potentially making a bunch of mistakes that you have to correct. Finding info on what works and doesn’t with the ReadMe, and how to get things listed on your hosted plugin page is fairly difficult. You’re almost better off just copying a ReadMe from existing hosted plugins. But even that isn’t always going to work, and you might have to scour through dozens to find examples of the options you want to use. Save yourself the time with GenerateWP’s ReadMe generator.

Automatic updates for private plugins

If you get into making premium (paid) plugins and these of course are not hosted by, then you’ll need some way of pushing updates to your customers. I’ve been researching options for this and found a free MIT licensed library by some shadowy figure named Shadow: