Restaurant Menu Manager Plugin Review

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First Impression of the Restaurant Menu Manager Plugin

The Restaurant Menu Manager Plugin has several jQuery display options includes tabs which is interesting. In the 3 plugins I looked at earlier in this category none of them paid much attention to the theme layer, templating or presentation. Which I felt was an oversight because traditionally restaurant menu’s are carefully structured and designed and we should have some decent visual presentation out of the box without requiring additional theming.

My concern looking at the tabbed displays is that I’m not sure they fit what the way I would normally want a menu to be arranged.

This plugin refers to “menu items” as “menu entries” a variation in language I have not seen in the other plugins. I think I would prefer sticking to “items” but it’s not a major issue. Another small issue is we have some long named subtabs on install such as “All Restaurant Menu Entries”. Surely that could just be “All Menu Entries”? Again I’d prefer “All Menu Items”.

Adding Menu Items

Like most plugins in this category adding menu items is simple and done through a custom post type. Restaurant Menu Manager provides tagging for it’s menu items. No specific field for image(s) so I’ve tried adding a Featured Image to see if that will show up on the menu.

Menu Sections and Types

Restaurant Menu Manager Plugin provides “menu types” which is a custom taxonomy. This can be used to create menu sections. It does not however support multiple menus, as in entirely different menus that can be displayed separately. That an aspect of the FoodList Plugin reviewed earlier that keeps it ahead of this one at least in terms of structure.

The menu can be added to a page through a simple shortcode.

Menu Presentation with Restaurant Menu Manager Plugin

jQuery tabs and accordion display are available both using the provided shortcode with an optional display parameter. As the only plugin I’ve seen so far in this category that really provides different and unique display options I credit the developer for thinking about that. These options won’t work in every situation but that’s exactly why it’s nice to have multiple options because certainly with other menu plugins adding accordion or tab display could be fairly difficult, at least requiring a custom template.

Bottom Line on the Restaurant Menu Manager Plugin

I like this plugin it’s ranking around 2nd so far out of the 4 I’ve reviewed. It does not topple FoodList from top spot despite getting higher marks for presentation. Worth a look still and I’d say if you like the idea of jQuery tabs or accordion display it might be the right fit for your site. I’d give it 3-stars though I’m leaning toward 4.