Restaurant Wordpress Plugin

First off full credit to the plugin developer for grabbing a great name. I hope they use this “namespace” to create something worthy of such a generic name.

Restaurant Plugin Site:

First Impression of the Restaurant Plugin

From the plugin description I can see this will take a simpler approach compared to the FoodList plugin I just finished reviewing. After install I see a single tab in the WP admin titled “Restaurant”. It has 4 subtabs. I like this approach, keeping the WP main menu uncluttered.

The Restaurant Plugin makes a custom post type “restaurant item” and a custom¬†taxonomy “restaurant tag”.

Adding Menu Items

Adding items to the restaurant plugin menu is easy enough because each menu item is a custom post type. It only requires a name, and you can add a price. I’m not seeing an option to add an image unless the featured image will display on the menu, which I’ll try out.

Displaying the Menu

Unlike other menu plugins Restaurant Plugin does not create a shortcode for the menu display. Instead it automatically creates a url such as This approach seems poor on multiple levels. First I can probably safely guess this means I can only make 1 menu? Secondly unless I rig up some sort of filtering or htaccess solution I’m stuck with the menu at the assigned URL. Certainly a non-developer would be stuck in this sense.

So far I cannot get my menu items to display on the menu at the assigned URL despite having given them all the options… I must be missing something.

Bottom Line on the Restaurant Menu Plugin

I wasn’t able to get the menu actually displaying and given the limited functionality of the plugin I’ve abandoned the effort. It looks like a fairly new effort and I wish the developers the best of luck in moving it forward. For now it gets a 2-star review from me and definitely it’s not the way to go in this category given the many more functional options available.