Best WordPress themes selection

When it comes to WordPress themes there is no shortage of selection. In fact narrowing that vast selection down to a few can be really challenging. Fun, but challenging. One thing WP theme sellers are great at is displaying demos that make their themes shine. Any developer can tell you that when you install most WP themes, even the best WordPress themes look like junk out of the box. Maybe the problem is that WP themes are in a sense like a box, or better yet a shelf, that your content is displayed on. And because your content isn’t perfectly sized images and tailor-made blocks of lorem ipsum text, reality quickly strikes at the idea that you’re going to press install, choose some settings and have a wonderfully formatted site. So our first tip in choosing the best WordPress themes is to see past the visual presentation and actually read about the features and analyze the engineering of theme, and I know this can beĀ easier said than done.

What to avoid when trying to find the best WordPress themes

First avoid themes that don’t support the major plugins you plan to use. If it’s a WooCommerce site for instance, make sure you have WC support. Otherwise you’ll be spending a lot of time, and/or money on making all the templates needed support WooCommerce. Remember that the whole point of buying a theme is to save time and money in the build. Any developer can/should be able to make any site design from scratch given enough time and money. Buying a theme isn’t really about getting something unique that could not be created elsewhere, though you might debate that point when it comes to really stunning theme design. Still, could you not go to a designer, showing them an existing them and say create this only tailor it to my business? Make it even better? Of course, and with enough of a budget you could take that design and turn it into a theme. So the philosophy when shopping around for the best WordPress themes has to be hey, we’re looking to get from point A to B saving time along the way.

Breaking the best WordPress themes down one element at a time

Let’s start from the top – the header. I like evaluating themes one element at a time. The header, menus, footer, sidebars. Focusing a lot on the “template areas” the parts of the theme that visible on every page. As you look at each element of the theme, ask yourself if you can use it or will you need to customize it.

best wordpress themes from elegant themesBest WordPress themes from theme sellers

ElegantThemes has 87 themes featuring their Divi Builder. They offer yearly memberships starting at $69 for personal and $89 for developer plans. They also have a $249 lifetime buy in.