Simplify and focus your digital marketing

Trimming Content Types

There was a time when the website had about 8 different content types in our Drupal powered site. Along with all those different types of content there were multiple social features linked to various accounts, and a myriad of different SEO strategies were implemented. It was a big system,┬ádisorganized despite our best efforts to keep it all updated, and the bottom line was it didn’t really reflect how we run our business. The fact is we don’t have lots and lots of available time (who does?) to update our website. That’s why today we’ve simplified, focusing on just 3 types of content that we publish regularly. Each of these content types reflect a practical and important part of our business. We publish projects to our portfolio, we develop products (service packages) and everything else we want to communicate goes into our┬áblog.

Simplifying Social Media and Twitter Focus

As for social media, we turned off our Facebook account because it just didn’t get engagement. We had over 4,000 fans, but they were fans from a distance. They didn’t comment, or share, or otherwise engage. We could have put time and money into changing that, but to what end? We didn’t see that venue as a way to generate revenue for our business. Twitter on the other hand, works a lot better for us. Other developers seek us out there, some prospective customers follow us, and we can feel like our time put into posting is worthwhile there. We’re slowly building up a Twitter following, and with all our social focus in one direction we can actually maintain a good posting rate.

Pragmatic, Focused Digital Marketing

The bottom-line is that the pragmatic approach to digital marketing is to do what you are realistically capable of. Can you manage 8 social media accounts? If the answer is no, then don’t waste the time setting them up and letting them die a slow painful death. Instead,┬ásimplify. Same with your website, trim out sections where you are publishing without really gaining a benefit.

Simplifying and focusing allows you to get down to the business of what really matters in any marketing. Setting goals and measuring results. You need to be able to get firm measurements of what tactics are working. To do that you need to repeat those tactics often enough to create meaningful metrics. You also need the opportunity to improve how you execute your digital marketing tactics.