SSL certificate reseller programs compared

We decided recently that with all the work we’ve been getting installing SSL certificates on servers we should shop around for a reseller program we could participate in. In this post we’ll look at several of the SSL certificate reseller programs we found and how they compare. There are several vendors, and multi-vendor certificate shops that offer SSL certificate reseller programs. Some offer affiliate options, others are true reseller programs.

Overview of the SSL certificate reseller programs available

There are well over a dozen programs available. They fall into 2 major categories, vendors (SSL certificate issuers) and SSL stores (resellers of multiple vendors). Because of the pricing structure that many of the SSL vendors have, the pricing actually seems to be better from SSL stores?! Overall pricing is a confusing aspect of the SSL market, and because it’s relevant just as much in shopping for SSL certificate reseller programs as it is when you’re looking to buy a certificate for a site.

comodosslComodo Reseller Program

Comodo ranks well when searching for SSL certificate reseller programs. It also showed up on our radar as the first program to try because of it’s $99/year EV SSL certificate as well as a range of competitively priced multi-domain and wildcard certificates. Strangely however, the pricing offered to resellers seems to be much higher than the actual retail prices Comodo offers on their own site. I’ve since inquired with their sales department about this asking them to clarify their pricing and how their reseller prices compare to retail rates. Obviously we need a discount from advertised retail prices for any SSL certificate reseller programs we engage in. Comodo has a tiered pricing system for it’s resellers which provides the lowest prices to resellers who deposit the most money. It takes $20,000… yes 20-grand to get their best prices, which seem to be in the range of 40% lower than their highest reseller prices. But even those listed prices seem higher than the actual retail rates, at least on the EV SSL certificates that we were comparing.

At this point the requirement to make large deposits to get the best prices, plus concerns that the reseller rates are actually higher than the retail prices make the Comodo program one we’ll be crossing off our list of possible SSL certificate reseller programs.

gogetsslGo Get SSL certificate reseller program was our next stop in the search for SSL certificate reseller programs. We’ve bought their RapidSSL certificates before. The checkout was simple, the verification process was rapid and easy, and they sent us reminders for renewal. Their program is advertised prominently in the main menu of their site, suggesting this is an important part of their business. Definitely worth a look.

GGSSL is a well-known and trusted company that offers fantastic prices to start-up, small, medium and large enterprise customers. We try to be very flexible and in some cases we may give good prices even to small resellers if we feel there will be a success in the future. Our network includes more than 10k+ active distributors from more than 175+ countries.


Among many other features of the GoGetSSL program is the offer of a free 1-year EV certificate from Comodo!

digicertDigiCert reseller program

DigiCert is one of the original SSL certificate sellers, definitely a respected brand. Their pricing is higher than most certificate sellers. In terms of trust/credibility building their trust seal might actually justify at least part of that higher cost compared to lesser known rivals like Comodo, RapidSSL. Still it seems hard to imagine most site owners wanting to pay a premium price for that brand recognition alone.

One very attractive feature of the DigiCert SSL reseller program is lifetime commissions. With a commission rate of up to 25%, this could make the program very lucrative for upmarket resellers. Out of the SSL certificate reseller programs I’ve looked at so far, this one looks best suited to consultants, and agencies that serve larger businesses.


Here are a few other SSL certificate reseller programs that we didn’t have time to write a review for yet but found interesting enough to list here. reseller program