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Some time ago we subscribed to in order to get a list of all the websites that run WooCommerce. And we got what was promised, a spreadsheet list. It cost a small fortune, just for the 1-month subscription that we immediately cancelled. I can’t recommend BuiltWith, mainly because of the ridiculously high cost. Though clearly for larger firms, who view a few hundred dollars a month as nothing, it’s considered the leader in this niche industry. As far as the data we got in that list, well our biggest challenge was how many of the sites were down. It didn’t seem like they did a good job of filtering out downed websites, we would have expected at the high cost that they keep the lists well updated. Mainly the problem was that because we couldn’t afford to keep paying for the service, we had to download the full list we had access to, some 120K sites, as a single report. It would have been better to download segments using their filtering tools. Of course after we cancelled our subscription, and long before we knew what filters we might want, we’d already lost access to the site and were not able to get any segmented lists. Bottom-line, buying a subscription really didn’t help us at all so it was a waste of money.

In the search for an alternative, to get a list we can segment by region, or a service we can afford to subscribe to continually, we found there are lesser-known competitors in this crawling and analyzing market. A notable option is Allora, They work on a credit system, with a single credit cost of $45, and a sliding scale that reduces the cost of multiple credits. A single credit means a single report, which could for instance be “all shopify websites”. Again when it comes to segmenting, my understanding is if we wanted to segment lists, we’d be burning 1 credit per list downloaded. For instance if we wanted every WooCommerce website in Denmark, and another list of every WC site in Canada, that would cost us 2 credits. We could go through a lot of credits dividing by region, or industry, or other list segments.

List segmentation is important to consider based on our experience. It may sound good to have a massive list, but if you have to filter it yourself (which is possible) that’s not quite as easy to work with and will increase your time in getting started on your campaign.

Another niche we’re interested in is sites that use WP Pro Quiz. We’d like to reach out to them to offer them our addon for WP Pro Quiz, and our support services for this plugin (which is largely unsupported by the original developer). Sales of our WP Pro Quiz Completed addon have been weak, because there is no existing marketplace for WP Pro Quiz addon’s, site owners don’t realize any are available and are not searching for them. Building a web scraper that could identify WP Pro Quiz sites isn’t cost-effective for us, so we’ve asked Allora if they would add it to their technology’s list. They’ll definitely have a sale from us if they do!

Let us know in the comments if you know of other alternatives we should be aware of that are affordable!