VeganServer WordPress Plugin

When working toward launching a vegan cafe ( one of the first things to come to mind (being a geek) is “what software will I use”. And knowing from previous experience that some of the big titles in food management are costly, I wondered if we could could find or build something that would get the job done.

We needed an online menu, but also a lot more.  Like online ordering from the menu. Delivery options, eCommerce integration. Nnutritional analysis and costing information, purchasing lists. Food inventory management. A full “ERP-style” approach to food management. And though certainly there were plenty of existing food and drink WordPress plugins several of which we tested out on our restaurant demo sites, none did it all and few worked together in any meaningful way. Most were one-shot fixes for a single issue, such as a nutritional analysis plugin where you had to enter the values manually. That’s not going to save us hours and give our vegan cafe a technological advantage!

VeganServer is our invention to give vegan food companies a user-friendly, effective and powerful food management application built into the WordPress software many are already familiar with. You can see an example of how it creates stylish recipe displays here at and learn more about the plugin itself at

We are currently beta testing VeganServer and working on tweaks to the costing system and some of the other extensions. It’s already useful for recipe display and menu display, and we look forward to having a number of vegan food recipe sites and vegan restaurants trying out those features during beta testing.