We're Ditching Adsense from all Our Sites

Why are we saying bye-bye to adsense? Ditching Adsense is a simple decision really, we never make any money from it. Don’t really have much more to say about it other than I knew a guy once who made 10K/month from Adsense. That was off of 22-million visitors per year on a site that needed multiple developers, a team of 8 content creators and a dedicated server. In other words off Adsense alone, the site barely could turn a profit despite massive success in terms of generating traffic. Plus it dominated a long-standing niche, ESL training and certification. Yet it still suffered from lackluster revenues per visit and overall.

For us, given how often we produce content it’s just not worth it. Plus increasingly we think the quality (or lack of quality) in the advertising shown reflects on us as webmasters and site builders and such.

How about you, are you thinking about ditching Google Adsense from your site this year?