WordPress Automatic Blogging Plugin

WordPress is the undisputed ruler of blogging software. It makes writing blog posts fast, easy, fun… wait is this a WP love-in or a blog post? I’m too tired to write a good blog post and I definitely don’t want to spend valuable minutes optimizing the SEO or categorizing it. What’s the solution? Don’t blog and fail to meet content goals and develop a strong search ranking mixed with social credibility? No no no! There is a better way care of smart marketing meets digital innovation. It’s called Automatic Blogging.

Great writing has it’s place, quick rants have their place too, carefully crafted blah blah… sometimes you just need relevant information posted quickly. Like today when I found and started using the WooCommerce Teams plugin, I would have loved it if my website was smart enough to realize I’d installed a new plugin, that I like it, and went ahead and crafted a post about it.