WP Pro Quiz Addons

WP Pro Quiz continues to be largely unsupported by the original developer, who’s name is not known and whose voice has not been heard in support tickets for the past few months. Issues continue to pile up, largely unanswered on both the WP plugin directory support section and the official GitHub repo for WP Pro Quiz at https://github.com/xeno010/Wp-Pro-Quiz.

Who is the mysterious “xeno010” that created WP Pro Quiz? We may never find out, as we have reached out to this developer at least 7-times including via their website and never received a reply. As I’ve written about before, it could be mainly a language barrier, the developer has explained in several replies on tickets that he’s not comfortable writing in English.

Well despite the lack of original developer support we continue to be contacted by site owners that are using WP Pro Quiz and want customizations or new features. Some of these then become ideas for a new addon. It is unfortunate that much-needed hooks cannot be added directly into WP Pro Quiz which would really help us extend it. Still we find ways to make extensions usually by extending the base MVC classes of WP Pro Quiz. This worked with some effort in the creation of WP Pro Quiz Completed.

A possible new addon for WP Pro Quiz was just discussed today with a start-up company from Italy. They have interest in creating a directory of quizzes, organized by category. A great feature, and one not well-supported currently by WP Pro Quiz. The shortcode creation is basically the only way of listing quizzes now, and that is not a dynamic solution.

Another commonly requested addon is one that will produce a certificate of completion that can be printed after a user has passed a quiz, or set of quizzes.