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WordPress Plugin Development

GoldHat Group is a team of developers led by 15-year programming veteran Joel Milne. We develop and extend WordPress plugins. Much of our is focused on quiz systems, including WP Pro Quiz and QuizMaster which is our extendable quiz system originally based on WP Pro Quiz.

Freelance WordPress Development

Joel Milne got started freelance programming back in 2003 long before WordPress and other CMS systems. In 2009 he started working with Drupal after several years focused on MVC frameworks such as CodeIgniter. After about 3-years working exclusively with Drupal, he switched to WordPress and has never looked back.

WordPress Programming Rates

We charge $45/USD per hour for most of our services. On some projects tasks that can be completed by a junior developer or admin staff are billed at a discounted rate. It is sometimes possible to reduce the overall project rate to $30 to $35 per hour depending on the type of work involved.

Graphic & UX Design for WordPress Projects

As much as possible we stay focused on the 2 things we do best at GoldHat, programming and project management. When our projects require graphic or UX design, we like to be involved in the process but outsource most or all of the work. Sometimes this means producing mock-ups in-house, and sending them out to our design contractors to complete the design process. Other times it means standing back and letting our client work directly with a design we've contracted. Our preferred design contractor is based in Argentina, a firm with about 10 full-time designers that produces consistently high quality work at fair rates.

Affordable Investment Focused Development

As a Canadian-based firm with a mix of onshore and offshore developers from mid-markets like the Ukraine, we'll never be able to compete on price with India and Pakistan or other low-cost offshore development hubs. We've fixed and debugged enough work from budget developers to know what the real cost of cheap programming is. We also believe that while we can't offer the lowest rates, there is a need for affordability compared to the typical agency rates, or elite freelancer rates. The divergence in pricing tends to be that you're either paying $15/hour for junk code that inevitably breaks, or fails to meet business goals even in the short-term... or you're at the other end of the spectrum paying $80/hour for high quality work but breaking the bank in the process. At GoldHat our pricing is based of course on what it costs to operate profitably, without sacrificing code quality.